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Revolutionizing APIs- Zambezi Release

Revolutionizing APIs-  Zambezi Release

At HyperCurrent, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their API goals by providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.  Over the past few months, the team has made significant progress across the entire HyperCurrent portfolio. We are excited to share some of that today!

Volume-Based Pricing

Added in-depth and enhanced UI support for easy configuration of volume-based pricing plans.  This allows our clients to quickly and easily implement unique data-driven pricing for their product set(s).

Image 1: Volume-Based Pricing Extension

Product Family Support

Added Product Family support which allows the association of multiple plans within a product family (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold).

This first release of PFS creates the framework for writing business rules, supported via the UI but also through advanced HSL (HyperCurrent Scripting Language) support.  Allowing for dynamic upgrade & downgrade scenarios is provides owners with on-the-fly alteration capabilities within their product families.  The Albacore release (coming soon!) will provide the ability to input dynamic business rule logic criteria and scenarios.

Image 2: Product Family Support dynamic interface

API Gateway Synchronization Enhancement (MuleSoft)

With MuleSoft deployments, new HyperCurrent products will automatically create associated Anypoint API Groups and publish these products to the commerce portal.  This gives HyperCurrent customers the ability to immediately implement new products in their storefront and removes any past reliance on engineering teams to create new product cards.

Image 3: Product Gateway Sync

Extended Private API Plan Support

Organization audience filtering now allows HyperCurrent customers to create plans visible only by specific customers/users.  This allows our clients to dynamically expose certain plan types, pricing scenarios, and prices to specific customers.  

Image 4: Extended Private API Plan Support

API Request Monetization Enrichment

A fancy way to say that with this release HyperCurrent can now enhance end-user API requests with additional entitlement information for backends to utilize when determining the appropriate response.   Want to change how an API may respond to your customers' requests?, this one is your huckleberry.

Image 5: JWT Enrichment

API Autodiscovery

Automatic detection and correlation of API requests to API consumers to allow faster onboarding of large API ecosystems into HyperCurrent's analytics engine.

And now let's cover this in English vs. user story speak:  This allows enterprises with huge API sets to automatically import them into the HyperCurrent application!  Good news!!

User Notification Enhancements

Improved formatting of default notifications and enablement of additional account-level variables allowing customized messaging.

Next up, Albacore! With a full belly of new features and enhancements that we are super excited to release. You can keep updated with all our product releases or connect with your peers and us here!