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Converting Connections into Cash

Converting Connections into Cash

In our strategy sessions with clients, we are often asked for an API monetization reference guide that clients can continue to refer to after our planning sessions. And we’re excited to announce that this planning guide is also now available for our blog subscribers.

This guide is intended to provide API owners with a roadmap to design, develop, and deliver API products that will quickly generate revenue and easily be adopted by developers.

Below is an overview of the contents:

Part I: Understanding APIs and API Monetization
A high-level background about the importance & impact of API development in today’s world, as well as the importance of identifying the correct audience for your APIs

Part II: Developing High-Quality APIs
This section provides best practices in the design of monetized APIs. When customers are paying for your APIs, the bar is higher for high-quality documentation, user support, and developer experience, and this section covers recommendations in each of these areas.

Part III: Choosing the Right Monetization Model
This section covers the topics we generally spend the most time discussing with clients, as choosing a suitable pricing model can be complex. These chapters discuss the tradeoffs between transactional and subscription models when a freemium model makes sense and strategies for setting your initial pricing.

Part IV: Implementing Your API Monetization Strategy
This part of the guide details the API analytics you must pay attention to as an API product manager and how to market your paid APIs to your target audience. It also touches on the importance of user self-service for developers who want to experiment with your APIs and how to integrate e-commerce into your API developer portal.

Part V: Nurturing Your API Ecosystem - We discuss how to grow adoption over time by providing quality support and enhancing API products based on customer feedback. We also suggest best practices for API documentation to ensure that your onboarding process is simple for new developers.

Part VI: HyperCurrent’s “Section of Tens”
The final section is broken down into three subsections that cover the following topics:

  • Ten Common API Monetization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Ten Success Stories of API Monetization
  • Ten Future Trends in API Monetization

You can download the guide here.

If you have questions about the content or about developing an API sales strategy for your business, please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or schedule a time to speak.